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“Sleep With The Experts” webinar series commencing July 1

Sleep with the Experts Series The Bob Carol Ted and Alice of Sleep without Drugs Are you finding it more difficult lately to fall asleep and stay asleep? Is your stress level the only thing trending up in the bear market? Are you sick and tired of reading about how not drinking coffee is going […]

Making Australia Happy ABC1 Starts November 15, 2010

Hi Everyone A friend just told me about a great new show starting tonight on ABC1 (Australia) called Making Australia Happy.? It starts at 8.30 pm tonight and is a 3 part series. I don’t know all the details about the show, but if you are having difficulties with sleep because of anxieties, depression, stress, […]

Catalyst ABC TV, Weight Loss, Sugar Diabetes and Sleep

Catalyst this Thursday ABC1, 8:00 pm has information on obesity and sleep; sugar diabetes and sleep etc. Recommended watch.

Online Mental Health Treatment – Prof. Gavin Andrews

An online clinic for the treatment of major depression, panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Dead Tired “Awake is the New Sleep” SBS ONE

Dead Tired:? Awake is the New Sleep SBS ONE Today on TV in Australia they’ve got a program on SBS ONE Dead Tired:  Awake is the New Sleep. Don’t miss it, because I think it was a goodie. 1.30 – 2.30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Suspect it is a repeat from last year, but […]

9am Summertime TV featured Elizabeth this morning

Elizabeth Shannon featured on Channel Ten 9am Summertime January 22, 2010. She talked about a variety of natural solutions for insomnia and depression including removing food additives and colourings from your diet, Neuro-Training, sleep music and micromovements.

Sleep Hours? Make me Stay Awake SBS January 5, 2010 7.30 pm TV Australia

Wondering about how many hours of sleep you need? Here’s a documentary that should cover a lot of the bases. Make Me Stay Awake, SBS ONE, Tuesday January 5, 2010, 7.30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Featured on National TV

Elizabeth Shannon and her work promoting experts and leading edge Natural Solutions for Insomnia has also been featured on the ABC New Inventors TV Program, Mornings with Kerri-Anne TV Program, Radio 2UE, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sun-Herald, The Financial Review Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and numerous other publications.

Sleepless No More featured on 9am with David and Kim

Yea, what a hoot! Sleep With The Experts is going from brain waves to airwaves – fantastic. Watch Elizabeth on 9am with David & Kim Everyone already in on our webinar series totally gets it! The amazing secrets that are being downloaded en masse from our exceptional experts. It has been a dream! So much […]

Dead Tired – SBS 2 part Documentary – May 27 & June 3, 2009

Breaking news I found on the Insight website is that the Danish Government recently compensated 39 nurses and flight attendants who developed breast cancer after careers of working night shifts. “They are currently the only government in the world who have formally recognised a link between working night shift and the onset of cancer.”? […]