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Lifestyle Guide

LIFESTYLE GUIDE Sleep specialist Dr David Jankelson of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney says there’s much that individuals can do to help themselves. They call it ‘sleep hygiene’ and it’s basically about setting up systems for yourself that might lead to a good night’s sleep. Each person is different, but it’s important for everyone to watch […]

Making Australia Happy ABC1 Starts November 15, 2010

Hi Everyone A friend just told me about a great new show starting tonight on ABC1 (Australia) called Making Australia Happy.? It starts at 8.30 pm tonight and is a 3 part series. I don’t know all the details about the show, but if you are having difficulties with sleep because of anxieties, depression, stress, […]

The Enteric and Autonomic Nervous Systems

Stress can be reduced, and sleep improved by balancing the enterica and autonomic nervous systems. Here is an exercise you can do anywhere.

Sleep Tips for Christmas

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone.? Or “Happy Holidays” if that’s how you celebrate this time of year. It’s a fabulous excuse to get together with your family and friends and relax. But there are a couple of sleep down-sides. I’m going to give 4 simple tips especially for Christmas, because this time of year presents […]

Concussion linked to Depression in NFL

Here’s a contentious and unpopular post for the football lovers and players. Concussion has been linked to Depression in NFL – along with cognitive impairment and early onset Alzheimers Disease. And we already know of the connection between depression and sleep disorders, waking too early in the morning etc… I know we don’t want to […]

Geraldine Gallagher’s “Essence of Sleep” Pack

APOLOGIES, THIS OPPORTUNITY WAS ONLY AVAILABLE TO WEBINAR PARTICIPANTS IN 2009. The Essence of Sleep Pack included: Workbook with essences to support the processes outlined in the workbook. Trio of Essences:? “Chaos to Calm”, “Nyx”, and “Kick Start”. GST and Postage and Handling. Geraldine’s “Laws of Change” Report. Please allow 10 days for the product […]

Coronary Heart Disease and Sleep

The following relationships have been established linking coronary heart disease and sleep: Sleep apnea is associated with heart disease. Studies have shown that between 50 and 80 percent of stroke and heart failure patients have some form of sleep disordered breathing. Sleep apnea has been associated with depression. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is associated with […]

Say Yes! Yes! to NO

We’re talking Nitric Oxide (NO) today.? And I’m going to recognise the great work of Dr Christiane Northrup again here.? ?I’m reading her newly released book The Secret Pleasures of Menopause. Now before you guys start switching off and heading for the barbeque, I’ll tell you that nitric oxide is released from nerve cells in […]

Funny and Wicked Videos on Big Pharma

OK – I’m taking the piss out of Big Pharma today… so just have a look at this. And if you liked that one, you might like this one too… Peace man! Elizabeth

Andrew Verity is in Australia

Here’s a GREAT opportunity! Well, most of you have heard the interview I had with Andrew Verity in 2008 (the free sleep interview you received from opting in to – now you get the chance to learn from Andrew himself, in Sydney THIS MONTH! Andrew Verity, world Neuro-Training expert and author, is in Australia, […]