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At Risk Industries for Sleep Disorders

Here is a video of Dr Czeisler summarizing the results of the Sleep Disorders, Health, and Safety in Police Officers study conducted by JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, and published in the journal December 20, 2011. At risk industries also include, in my opinion, any that involve sleep deprivation, shift work, stress, […]

Selling Sickness, a recommended book

Hi Everyone I’ve just finished reading the book Selling Sickness.  How Drug Companies are Turning us all into Patients and I’m pretty sure you’d like to read it. The book is written by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels. The book might help you relax about thinking you’ve got more medical conditions than you actually have!  […]

3 Secret Ways to Reduce Sleep Disorders during the GFC

We all know that stress and anxiety are factors in getting a good night’s sleep; so it’s no surprise that the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) could be affecting sleep disorders.  As if the GFC wasn’t problem enough! We are worried about our debt levels, the security of our jobs, whether we could survive if […]

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Could There Be a Genetic Advantage for Some Shift Workers Over Others?

The results of important research into nurses employed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center doing shift work, was published on April 13, 2011. Most interestingly, a number of genes appear to have an impact on the effectiveness of the sleep deprivation strategy that some nurses use when they change shifts. The study recognized that the daily […]

5 Things to Consider Before Taking Sleeping Pills

Have you have been finding it difficult to sleep for a significant length of time, and you want to take the next step to solve your sleeping problems? Many people immediately think of sleeping pills when they get to this point.  Before you take sleeping pills consider the following 5 facts: Firstly, and most importantly, […]


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Anxiety, Phobias and Irrational Fears

20% of Australians will suffer a mental health problem at some stage in their life. Source: ABC News February 10, 2006. 12% experience an anxiety disorder (some think this could be understated). Source: The 9am Show, May 16, 2006.     IN A NUTSHELL This is a large topic.. there are numerous anxieties, phobias, fears, […]