REM Sleep

Virgin Active Health Club Sleep Pods for Napping

Wednesday morning I was helping Virgin Active Health Clubs announce the results of their new sleep survey that was focused on workers obtaining a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, increasing their productivity and motivation at work, etc. A fabulous focus, don’t you agree?  I haven’t seen such a useful survey designed to help 9 to […]

One’s Hot, One’s Not

Looking for a Doona and a Good Night’s Sleep? I had the same issue a few years ago, and that’s why I developed the Compatibility Blanket. Not only does it solve the arguments you’re having with your partner about how hot you want the bed, it looks good on the bed (none of those miss-matched […]

Learning to Relax

For people who aren’t naturally relaxed, most have to learn to train their minds and bodies.  As children it seemed a lot easier, as adults we mostly have to work on it.  What happened to those hours of leisure time we were going to have to ‘fill in’ when technology came along?  Seems like a […]

Difficulty Falling Asleep?

A while ago I asked you to become aware of exactly what pattern your insomnia takes. Is it difficulty falling asleep? Waking during the night? or Waking too early in the morning? Because they can indicate different things. Today I’m speaking directly to those of you who have difficulty falling asleep – but once you’re […]

Brainwave Patterns and Entrainment

There are basically 4 brainwave patterns – and we CAN use them to help us sleep. Brain wave activity can be measured by EEG (electroencephalography) technology. The brain emits 4 different rhythms – alpha, beta, delta and theta. Beta brain wave activity is associated with 14Hz – 30 Hz (highly alert and focused); alpha with […]

Overheating in Bed Reduces your REM Sleep

Overheating in bed reduces your REM sleep, and is associated with a number of adverse skin conditions. One partner is often hotter in bed than the other partner. Here’s a great solution.