Relaxation Techniques

Virgin Active Health Club Sleep Pods for Napping

Wednesday morning I was helping Virgin Active Health Clubs announce the results of their new sleep survey that was focused on workers obtaining a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, increasing their productivity and motivation at work, etc. A fabulous focus, don’t you agree?  I haven’t seen such a useful survey designed to help 9 to […]

Paraliminal Sessions

Here is a list of the Paraliminal sessions that have been the best received by our clients over the years: Deep Relaxation Anxiety-Free New Behavior Generator 10-Minute Supercharger (for the next day, or anytime you need a lift): Tell me how YOU go with these, I’d love to have your comments.? And so would everyone […]

The Enteric and Autonomic Nervous Systems

Stress can be reduced, and sleep improved by balancing the enterica and autonomic nervous systems. Here is an exercise you can do anywhere.

Sleep Sheep for Baby Sleep

Sleep Sheep – to help your infant and baby sleep There used to be a special sound machine that I sold through this website which is no longer available, but I did find this cute little?Sleep Sheep?- which might be very helpful for getting your babies and toddlers off to sleep. There are a couple […]

Foot Reflexology for Sleep

During our recent Sleep With The Experts webinar series we heard from Geraldine Gallagher about the Dantien point. Today I’m going to speak about the Bubbling Well point and how you can massage it to help you fall asleep. The Bubbling Well is a balance, weight, and energetic point located in the sole of the […]

Learning to Relax

For people who aren’t naturally relaxed, most have to learn to train their minds and bodies.  As children it seemed a lot easier, as adults we mostly have to work on it.  What happened to those hours of leisure time we were going to have to ‘fill in’ when technology came along?  Seems like a […]


STRESS To be kept up to date on Stress, please Contact Us, stating “Stress” as your area of interest. Stress is a necessary and valuable part of our life.? Its evolutionary purpose is to protect us from danger and ensure our survival. However, the long-term over-stimulation of the stress response leads to a variety of […]

The Benefits of Relaxation and Meditation

Here’s some information linking genetic change to relaxation – and before you say “more woo woo” read on – because the studies come from Harvard Medical School and other distinguished places. Relax – Its Good For You Good Night Elizabeth

Soothing Sleep Music Pack – Angela Sciberras

APOLOGIES, THIS OPPORTUNITY WAS ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE 2009 TRAINING WEBINAR SERIES. Here’s the link to buy Angela’s Soothing Sleep Music Pack today. The purchasing list will be sent to Angela in the next 48 hours (in order of purchase) so that she can dispatch the product to you in the next 10 days. Congratulations, […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Music for Sleep

Join us for this next Webinar on August 12, 2009 at 7:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: We’ve promised that you’ll never look at Sleep the same again after attending Sleep With The Experts. Our slant on sleep gained national attention today?in […]