Nic Lucas

Anxiety and Sleep Pack

If you suffer from anxiety, high stress and/or panic attacks I won’t have to remind you of how debilitating it is – how it is affecting your career, family and loved ones – even what other people regards as commonplace social interactions and daily tasks. Do you find it more difficult to fall asleep? And […]

A Song Leads to Anxiety and Panic Solution

Click here to find out how a medical researcher beat stress and anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety and panic this could be the most important blog you will ever read. For those viewers who were lucky enough to be in on the Sleep With The Experts webinar series back in 2009, here is the […]

Sleep With The Experts Launching Today

Sleep With The Experts Launching Today The complete Natural Sleep Training Program Sleep With The Experts is launching today. To obtain the transcript of Week 1 of the webinar series held last winter go to and opt-in on the right hand side of the page there. Thanks for your patience, it seems to have […]

Debrief – Nic Lucas on Anxiety and Panic Attack

Again thanks to last night’s participants for their response to Nic Lucas’s great information on anxiety and panic attacks. And I’m amazed at the level of research he has done… and research on the quality of the research out there on solutions to anxiety and panic attack.? Wow!? How good was that?? Killer information. Totally […]

Nic Lucas – Anxiety – July 15 7:00 pm Sydney Time

Thanks everyone for the comments from last night!? Yes, it was amazing.? So much information!? And yes, there were many questions last night, sorry we didn’t get to all of them. We had registrations from Dallas, New York, Minesota, Christchurch, Auckland, Mumbai, Canada, Tokyo, UK and well as our Aussi contingent.? Wow, the internet allows […]

Ideomotion: Muscle activity that can keep us awake!

Hi, Nic Lucas here – invited by Elizabeth to contribute to this great blog of hers. And I wanted to share something that many of you may not have heard about. But first, who the heck am I and why has Elizabeth let me loose on her site! I first trained in biomedical science and […]