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Fall Asleep Faster

Hi So your main problem is falling asleep at night? The good news is that it is very common, and for many people reasonably easy to fix. I get a lot of inquiry about exactly your problem. So I recently put together a video “4 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster” specifically to help you 4 […]

Techniques to Sleep Better Tonight

Thank you for visiting Sleepless No More, and asking for our “3 Things” video. We promised 3 Techniques, but we are actually giving you 11 Things – so here they are: …  just pick any three that suit you the best, and implement them today. Best of luck! Start implementing these things today.. combined with exercise […]

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Catalyst ABC TV, Weight Loss, Sugar Diabetes and Sleep

Catalyst this Thursday ABC1, 8:00 pm has information on obesity and sleep; sugar diabetes and sleep etc. Recommended watch.

Sleep Apnea, Snoring and Food Additives

There are a raft of food additives and colorings that have been linked with snoring and sleep apnea. Study this list as part of your natural sleep strategy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (C.B.T.) “If we see things as negative, we are likely to feel negative and behave in a negative way.” Aaron T. Beck, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, and the father of cognitive therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is based on the idea that feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger and frustration […]


IT’S  AN  ILLNESS,  NOT  A  WEAKNESS (Jeff Kennett, June 2006) Having said that, there are many many things you can do about it. In a Nutshell If you want to start doing something really constructive today, then go for a walk for about an hour.  Do this every day. For major depression, you must seek […]