Insomnia Type

Seeing Through the Maze of Sleep Aids

There are so many sleep aids on the market it’s no wonder we get confused! Types of Sleep Aids There are natural remedies, herbal mixtures, sleeping pills, over the counter sleep solutions, sleep apnea equipment, nasal snoring patches, Chinese medicines, Bach flower remedies, homeopathic sprays, teas, nutritional supplements, dental plates, medical operations, melatonin – and […]

Find your Insomnia Type, and the Insomnia Treatment will Follow

Hi everyone I’m deeply immersed in finally getting Sleep Mojo out!  And apologies to everyone that has had to wait so long for the book I promised!  It is a bigger task than I thought, and now I have an editor helping me which will get it over the line in about 6 weeks from […]

Match Your Insomnia Treatment to Your Insomnia Type

When most people think about an “insomnia treatment” they think of either a natural herbal remedy or a sleeping pill.  This limited attitude is one of the reasons many people fail. This article will help you rethink your strategy to solve your sleeping problem.  Your insomnia solution should be based on the underlying problem that […]

Insomnia Type Video

Congratulations and Welcome to our community. Here is the short video I put together to help you decide on your insomnia type: Being a member of our community you will, from time to time, receive solution-based Natural Sleep Report emails, which will also keep you up to date on new events, special offers, expert interviews […]

What’s Your Insomnia Type?

For those who couldn’t make it to our last night of Sleep With The Experts, I’m putting together the book What’s Your Insomnia Type at the moment. The expected release date is July 2011. I’ve sifted down the 50-plus types of insomnia to a manageable and understandable 10 Insomnia Types.   Here they are: Type […]

What’s Your Insomnia Type? Sleep With The Experts Wrap

OK, it DOES make a difference when you Sleep With The Experts, doesn’t it?? And they’ve all been great performers! …. Better stop there before I get too wild … So it’s with mixed feelings that we prepare for the series wrap next Wednesday night.  We’ve got to know each other well …? there have […]