Elizabeth Shannon


Elizabeth Shannon and her natural sleep solutions have been featured on national television, national and international radio, newspapers and magazines. Her Sleep With The Experts webinar program was attended by health care professionals and insomniacs from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and all around Australia. Please email elizabeth@elizabethshannon.com if you […]

Sleep With The Experts Launching Today

Sleep With The Experts Launching Today The complete Natural Sleep Training Program Sleep With The Experts is launching today. To obtain the transcript of Week 1 of the webinar series held last winter go to http://www.SleepWithTheExperts.com and opt-in on the right hand side of the page there. Thanks for your patience, it seems to have […]

9am Summertime TV featured Elizabeth this morning

Elizabeth Shannon featured on Channel Ten 9am Summertime January 22, 2010. She talked about a variety of natural solutions for insomnia and depression including removing food additives and colourings from your diet, Neuro-Training, sleep music and micromovements.

Featured on National TV

Elizabeth Shannon and her work promoting experts and leading edge Natural Solutions for Insomnia has also been featured on the ABC New Inventors TV Program, Mornings with Kerri-Anne TV Program, Radio 2UE, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sun-Herald, The Financial Review Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and numerous other publications.

What’s Your Insomnia Type?

For those who couldn’t make it to our last night of Sleep With The Experts, I’m putting together the book What’s Your Insomnia Type at the moment. The expected release date is July 2011. I’ve sifted down the 50-plus types of insomnia to a manageable and understandable 10 Insomnia Types.   Here they are: Type […]

What’s Your Insomnia Type? Sleep With The Experts Wrap

OK, it DOES make a difference when you Sleep With The Experts, doesn’t it?? And they’ve all been great performers! …. Better stop there before I get too wild … So it’s with mixed feelings that we prepare for the series wrap next Wednesday night.  We’ve got to know each other well …? there have […]

Sleepless No More featured on 9am with David and Kim

Yea, what a hoot! Sleep With The Experts is going from brain waves to airwaves – fantastic. Watch Elizabeth on 9am with David & Kim Everyone already in on our webinar series totally gets it! The amazing secrets that are being downloaded en masse from our exceptional experts. It has been a dream! So much […]

“Awake to Sleep” Seminar – Sydney, November 29 & 30, 2008

Announcing the inaugural ‘Awake to Sleep’ seminar to be held in Sydney, November 29 & 30, 2008. Five expert speakers join Elizabeth Shannon to help you in the following areas: We are running this first seminar for a $ 25 donation to charity. To find out more opt-in to http://www.sleepfrontier.com Venue: The Ranch Hotel, cnr […]