Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and other Psychological Problems

I’m putting together my new training product working in conjunction with medical doctors in Australia at the moment. In the process of talking about the solutions to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression I have found that the excellent SBS Insight Television program that was dedicated to anxiety was on YouTube. So I have […]

National Prescribing Service Help with Sleeping Pills

The National Prescribing Service was set up in Australia in 1998 to help health professionals keep up to date with the latest evidence and provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to make better decisions on medicines and medical tests. This website is very helpful for a number of reasons.  You can download the information pages […]

Is the Global Financial Crisis affecting your Sleep?

Chances are, if you are worrying about it, it is.  And with the news that they are continually presenting to us, it’s no wonder most of us are worrying.  Except of course, the few people that know that during financial crises the ‘world is for sale’ and there are many opportunities for the financially savvy. […]

A Song Leads to Anxiety and Panic Solution

Click here to find out how a medical researcher beat stress and anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety and panic this could be the most important blog you will ever read. For those viewers who were lucky enough to be in on the Sleep With The Experts webinar series back in 2009, here is the […]

Online Mental Health Treatment – Prof. Gavin Andrews

An online clinic for the treatment of major depression, panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.

9am Summertime TV featured Elizabeth this morning

Elizabeth Shannon featured on Channel Ten 9am Summertime January 22, 2010. She talked about a variety of natural solutions for insomnia and depression including removing food additives and colourings from your diet, Neuro-Training, sleep music and micromovements.

Concussion linked to Depression in NFL

Here’s a contentious and unpopular post for the football lovers and players. Concussion has been linked to Depression in NFL – along with cognitive impairment and early onset Alzheimers Disease. And we already know of the connection between depression and sleep disorders, waking too early in the morning etc… I know we don’t want to […]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (C.B.T.) “If we see things as negative, we are likely to feel negative and behave in a negative way.” Aaron T. Beck, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, and the father of cognitive therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is based on the idea that feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger and frustration […]

Sleepless No More featured on 9am with David and Kim

Yea, what a hoot! Sleep With The Experts is going from brain waves to airwaves – fantastic. Watch Elizabeth on 9am with David & Kim Everyone already in on our webinar series totally gets it! The amazing secrets that are being downloaded en masse from our exceptional experts. It has been a dream! So much […]

Debrief – Nic Lucas on Anxiety and Panic Attack

Again thanks to last night’s participants for their response to Nic Lucas’s great information on anxiety and panic attacks. And I’m amazed at the level of research he has done… and research on the quality of the research out there on solutions to anxiety and panic attack.? Wow!? How good was that?? Killer information. Totally […]