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LIFESTYLE GUIDE Sleep specialist Dr David Jankelson of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney says there’s much that individuals can do to help themselves. They call it ‘sleep hygiene’ and it’s basically about setting up systems for yourself that might lead to a good night’s sleep. Each person is different, but it’s important for everyone to watch […]

Catalyst ABC TV, Weight Loss, Sugar Diabetes and Sleep

Catalyst this Thursday ABC1, 8:00 pm has information on obesity and sleep; sugar diabetes and sleep etc. Recommended watch.

The Enteric and Autonomic Nervous Systems

Stress can be reduced, and sleep improved by balancing the enterica and autonomic nervous systems. Here is an exercise you can do anywhere.

Thought Field Therapy TFT for Anxiety, Panic etc

Here is an exercise that you might do if you are having problems with any of the following things – some sleep related, some not. feeling out of sorts generally bumping into things declining performance self sabotage anxiety panic procrastination Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Now before you watch… here’s my […]

Concussion linked to Depression in NFL

Here’s a contentious and unpopular post for the football lovers and players. Concussion has been linked to Depression in NFL – along with cognitive impairment and early onset Alzheimers Disease. And we already know of the connection between depression and sleep disorders, waking too early in the morning etc… I know we don’t want to […]

The Benefits of Relaxation and Meditation

Here’s some information linking genetic change to relaxation – and before you say “more woo woo” read on – because the studies come from Harvard Medical School and other distinguished places. Relax – Its Good For You Good Night Elizabeth

Say Yes! Yes! to NO

We’re talking Nitric Oxide (NO) today.? And I’m going to recognise the great work of Dr Christiane Northrup again here.? ?I’m reading her newly released book The Secret Pleasures of Menopause. Now before you guys start switching off and heading for the barbeque, I’ll tell you that nitric oxide is released from nerve cells in […]

Andrew Verity is in Australia

Here’s a GREAT opportunity! Well, most of you have heard the interview I had with Andrew Verity in 2008 (the free sleep interview you received from opting in to – now you get the chance to learn from Andrew himself, in Sydney THIS MONTH! Andrew Verity, world Neuro-Training expert and author, is in Australia, […]

Overheating in Bed Reduces your REM Sleep

Overheating in bed reduces your REM sleep, and is associated with a number of adverse skin conditions. One partner is often hotter in bed than the other partner. Here’s a great solution.

Cheers and Tears

How to deal with the festive season and still sleep well. Happy Christmas.