Bedcoverings to Sleep Cool

How To Sleep Better While Traveling

Do you find it difficult to sleep when you travel? I’ve put some quick videos together that might help you sleep better when you travel, especially when staying in hotels. Sleep Better in Hotels gives you some ideas on how to sleep cool when the bed-coverings that are provided by the hotels are thick, too […]

Sleep Better in Hotels

Who else finds it hard to sleep better when you are away on holidays, traveling for work or just staying in unfamiliar places? It is a common problem, not just because of jet-lag and eating food we aren’t used to – but in the bedroom there are different noises, different lights, different smells, a different […]

More on the Compatibility Blanket

Why the Compatibility Blanket will work for you If you are someone who gets very hot in bed, a sheet and the Compatibility Blanket may be all you ever need. Otherwise, you simply use the Compatibility Blanket in conjunction with your regular bed coverings. In winter you can put it under a woollen blanket or […]

The Compatibility Blanket

Looking for a Doona and a Good Night’s Sleep? I had the same issue a few years ago, and that’s why I developed the Compatibility Blanket. Not only does it solve the arguments you’re having with your partner about how hot you want the bed, it looks good on the bed (none of those miss-matched […]

Overheating in Bed

Overheating in bed reduces your rapid eye movement sleep, and the benefits derived from a good night’s sleep.   Overheating in bed reduces the quality of sleep.  We tend to sleep better when our body is cool.  In fact, the reason many people recommend a warm bath before going to sleep is because the drop […]

Wedding Tackle… Yes… Scrotal Temperature

Have you been reading about the studies on heated seating in cars and how the heating may be affecting male fertility? Also the studies done some time ago, reported in National Geographic, about lions in the Serengeti and how the heat has been shown to impair the quality of their … er … swimmers? […]

Overheating in Bed Reduces your REM Sleep

Overheating in bed reduces your REM sleep, and is associated with a number of adverse skin conditions. One partner is often hotter in bed than the other partner. Here’s a great solution.