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Techniques to Sleep Better Tonight

Thank you for visiting Sleepless No More, and asking for our “3 Things” video. We promised 3 Techniques, but we are actually giving you 11 Things – so here they are: …  just pick any three that suit you the best, and implement them today. Best of luck! Start implementing these things today.. combined with exercise […]

Karitane to Help your Baby Sleep

I’ve just entered a new page recommending Karitane for mums and dads with new babies. There is older information on this site that needed to be upgraded, as Karitane has improved their website too. This help for babies is able to be downloaded and the videos can be viewed from any country, of course – […]

How to Access Quality Online Information to Help Your Baby Sleep

Have you got a new baby who isn’t sleeping well, and it’s a real struggle?  Not only is the baby getting more and more tired, but you are exhausted?  And your ability to cope gets worse and worse?  It becomes more than stressful, making you feel anxious, even depressed.  You just want to know “why […]

Sleep Sheep for Baby Sleep

Sleep Sheep – to help your infant and baby sleep There used to be a special sound machine that I sold through this website which is no longer available, but I did find this cute little?Sleep Sheep?- which might be very helpful for getting your babies and toddlers off to sleep. There are a couple […]

Phenergan or Promethazine for Sleep

Phenergan or Promethazine for Sleep When my son was quite small I observed quite a few mums giving their infants and children (sometimes very young) Phenergan/Promethazine to settle them down, or to pacify them on long plane flights etc. We are not advocating this at all. Promethazine is an antihystamine with sedative, antiemetic (vomiting and […]

Age Related

AGE-RELATED SLEEP BABIES AND INFANTS Newborn babies may sleep on and off for as many as 16 hours a day. “Sleeping like a baby” is great, because the mothers and families of newborns often use some of that time to catch up themselves when they can!  It is a tiring stage in most families’  lives. […]

Babies, Children and Students

More general information can be found at Age Related. To find excellent information on Sleep and Settling Strategies for babies to toddlers sleeping in a bed visit: There are downloadable PDFs for the following categories: Birth to 4 months 4-7 months From 9 months and sleeping in a cot 6-11 months Toddler Sleeping in […]