Interview with Psychologist Victoria Kasunic

Its the day after Christmas 2011 and I’m relaxing with friends, but thought I’d let you listen to an interview I did very recently with psychologist Victoria Kasunic. Victoria will be a special guest at the Sleep Mojo Live Seminar in February in Sydney – and many of you have expressed an interest in hearing […]

Is the Global Financial Crisis affecting your Sleep?

Chances are, if you are worrying about it, it is.  And with the news that they are continually presenting to us, it’s no wonder most of us are worrying.  Except of course, the few people that know that during financial crises the ‘world is for sale’ and there are many opportunities for the financially savvy. […]

3 Secret Ways to Reduce Sleep Disorders during the GFC

We all know that stress and anxiety are factors in getting a good night’s sleep; so it’s no surprise that the recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) could be affecting sleep disorders.  As if the GFC wasn’t problem enough! We are worried about our debt levels, the security of our jobs, whether we could survive if […]

B. Waking In The Night

Waking in the Night – Restless, Light and Broken Sleep Sleep Apnea If you suspect you may have Sleep Apnea please refer to the Sleep Apnea section, and see your doctor for a referral to a Sleep Center. Restless, Light and Broken Sleep Other than sleep apnea the reasons people wake during the night, or […]

Difficulty Falling Asleep?

A while ago I asked you to become aware of exactly what pattern your insomnia takes. Is it difficulty falling asleep? Waking during the night? or Waking too early in the morning? Because they can indicate different things. Today I’m speaking directly to those of you who have difficulty falling asleep – but once you’re […]