Sleeping Pills’ 22 Dark Secrets

After researching sleeping pills for years, and collecting information on their shortcomings and problems I’ve finally ‘tipped over the edge’!

The thing is, anyone reading my blog should be aware of the problems of sleeping pills BEFORE they start taking them. Hopefully I’m not too late with this message, for you.

Because my research has been happening over years the information on sleeping pills is not organised on this website into one area – so I’ve produced a special report for you, Sleeping Pills’ 22 Dark Secrets Report.
Sleeping Pills' 22 Dark Secrets Report

This report will help you:

  • Source reliable information about the problems with using sleeping pills to help you sleep better
  • Identify any issues you are currently having with sleeping pills – and even some other medications that are prescribed to help you sleep e.g. anxiety benzodiazepines
  • Investigate sleeping pills before you start taking them,
  • Be aware of the problems when you withdraw or “cold turkey” off sleep medications (please don’t, without proper medical supervision – cold turkey, probably never)
  • Learn the National Prescribing Service’s stance on sleeping pills,
  • Know the difference between “best practice” and what is actually happening if and when you are prescribed sleeping medications,
  • Learn why we recommend natural solutions to sleep disorders,
  • Get informed about what to ask your doctor, health care professional, or psychologist when you tell them you have a sleep disorder,
  • Why should you take full responsibility for the side effects of sleeping medications?
  • What warnings are important to know if you have sleep apnea and are taking sleeping pills?
  • Why you should quiz your doctor if he/she prescribes sleep, anxiety and other medications?
  • Why and when does taking sleeping pills make the process of sleeping better take longer?
  • Build your confidence in implementing natural solutions for your insomnia.

I’ve priced it minimally, at $ 11.00 USD, so that everyone can grab a copy immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are taking sleeping pills (or any medications for that matter) DO NOT withdraw or stop taking them without expert medical advice and supervision.  As you will see from the report some of the problems are caused BECAUSE of the way people withdraw from medications.