Watch This Video Before Taking Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pills are commonly prescribed for sleep disorders and insomnia.

However, as an insomnia sufferer you need to know about sleeping pills before you start taking them.

I’ve spoken to many pharmacists and doctors who express their concerns that individuals actually come to them looking for the ‘quick fix’ to their sleeping problems, and actually ask for sleeping pills to be prescribed.

It is not always the health professionals that are doing the wrong thing.  And in many cases, in a short consultation, it is very difficult to cover the many questions that are relevant to be asked to establish the underlying reasons behind each case of  ‘insomnia’.

In fact, there are many questions that need to be asked to ascertain the underlying reasons for insomnia and sleep disorders, some of which include – but are not limited to:

  • Do you have food intolerances?
  • Do you exercise daily?
  • What sort of stresses are you under at the moment?
  • Do you suffer from any psychological problems, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc?
  • What medications are you taking at the moment?
  • What are the side effects of the medications you are taking?
  • What are the side effects of the combinations of medications you are taking?
  • What supplements are you taking?
  • Are you withdrawing from any drugs or substances at the moment, including sleeping pills?
  • Do you have other health issues?  Thyroid problems?  Hormonal imbalances? Are you in pain?
  • How old are you?  Adolescent, teenager, mid-life, mature age?
  • Are you overheating in bed?
  • What methods have you tried in the past to resolve your issues?  Did they work?
  • Do you have relaxation time each day?  Nap?  Meditate? etc
  • How is your hydration?
  • How long have you had the sleep disorder?
  • Was your sleep disorder triggered by an incident?
  • Have you any allergies?
  • Are you intolerant to salicylates and amines?
  • Are you intolerant to airborne perfumes and/or VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals)?
  • Is your insomnia seasonal?
  • What time do you find it difficult to sleep?  Difficulty falling asleep?  Waking up in the night?  Waking too early in the morning?
  • How happy are you?  Do you have a rewarding job?  A great primary relationship?  Good friends who have quality, in-depth, and real conversations?
  • Do you have breathing difficulties at night?  Do you suspect you have sleep apnea?
  • Do you snore?
  • Are you a shift worker?  Change your sleep time often?  Suffering from jet lag?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you have a balanced, healthy and good diet?
  • etc etc – the list is substantial!!

This is just a sample of the sorts of questions that you need to ask yourself to establish your underlying problem.

And the responsibility for your health ultimately lies with you, of course.

Yes, it is challenging investigating the research, finding out quality information, ascertaining what IS that quality information.  Even the experts disagree on many issues related to sleep, stress, psychological conditions, and the diagnosis and treatment of different issues.

And it is absolutely possible that if you suffer from sleep disorders there might be a number of problems underlying your situation, not just one.

And yes, it takes effort and dedication to get through some issues.  And we need to recognize that as a reality.

“Simple” solutions aren’t always that….  simple solutions!

Here’s a video extract, taken from the Sleep With The Experts training program that will help you understand some of the concerns that surround taking sleeping pills:

More detailed information can be found in the Sleep Mojo ebook.

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