Tapping Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep with Rod Sherwin

Sleep With The Experts this week is about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Join us for a Webinar on August 19, 2009 at 7:00 pm Australian EST

Space is limited.
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Do you believe that DURING this week’s webinar you can make a difference?? Can you imagine the relief it will be to actually use EFT during the webinar to get results straight away?? Could it be this instant and that simple?

We think so.

Rod Sherwin is Mr Practicality – and he’s going to take you through some processes during the webinar so you know exactly what to do to relieve stress, anxiety, fears, phobias and worries.

And I know this stuff works, because I was introduced to it about 25 years ago, and I absolutely don’t understand why everyone isn’t into it.??

Rod Sherwin

Rod Sherwin

Rod Sherwin is an Energy Therapist with over 8 years experience helping people create change in their quality of life.? While Rod’s primary technique is EFT, he also uses his experience with Energy Medicine, 6-Human Needs Psychology, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Solutions-Focus Brief Therapy, Relationship Polarity, and Creative Problem Solving.

So you’re in for a treat!

EFT is a simple to learn and self-apply form of “emotional acupressure” that you can use to ease the stress, fears, worries and anxiety keeping you from getting the great night’s sleep you deserve.

This webinar series is conservatively valued at $ 397 and free for participants of this first series.

Limited spaces are available each week, so book early to avoid disappointment.

And we’re also reminding you to book EACH WEEK to attend each expert session – to ensure places are respected.

This webinar series will NOT be repeated. BOOK NOW

PLEASE NOTE THE TIME 7:00 pm AUSTRALIAN Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra).

Title: Tapping Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep with special guest Rod Sherwin

Date:Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time:7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Australian EST (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne)

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