Sleepless No More featured on 9am with David and Kim

Yea, what a hoot!

Sleep With The Experts is going from brain waves to airwaves – fantastic.

Watch Elizabeth on 9am with David & Kim

Everyone already in on our webinar series totally gets it! The amazing secrets that are being downloaded en masse from our exceptional experts.

It has been a dream! So much information, straight from the experts, and heaps that’s NEVER been revealed to the public before.

And our experts are getting the promotion they richly deserve.

Thanks to everyone at NetworkTen for helping get our word out yesterday.

And it was a lot of fun too, being made up with Dicko, the green room, all that… and not too much talk of Kyle Sandilands… but some..

Hope you come to Sleep With our latest Expert – Angela Sciberras – this week.

Here’s the link if you want to come in, and yes, this first series is free to attend (but limited in numbers).

Good night


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