What are the Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

Hi everyone

I’ve just put up a page that will help you recognize some of the sleep apnea symptoms.

It’s very important that if you have any doubts about it, that you see your medical practitioner who can refer you to a sleep clinic to do the proper testing.

You’ll notice that there is information on some food additives and colorings (etc) that can also be affecting your breathing (while awake and asleep).

Go there now to get more details.  Being diagnosed with sleep apnea is better than continuing to be tired, with all the negatives associated with that.

There appears to be associations with sleep apnea and psychological challenges (such as feeling low, irritability, even depression), being overweight, and snoring.

To find out more visit the page dedicated to Sleep Apnea Symptoms.

Remember that if you are in doubt, visit your doctor and pursue it further.




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