The Real Costs of Sleep Deprivation

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The current publication from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) features a study into loss of work performance from insomnia that estimates that the human capital value was $2,280 per person per year.  If Australian workforce figures for sleep deprivation reflected these it would equate to about $ 19.5 billion annually.

Other studies highlight the connection between fatigue and road and industrial accidents (with the related insurance costs).  Other sleep deprivation costs would need to include the costs of behavioral problems and intellectual debt associated with childhood disordered breathing during sleep, and the effect sleep deprivation has on anxiety and depression.  Then there are studies linking it to coronary conditions, weight increase, elevated blood pressure, memory retention, even our sex lives.  The cost is very significant.

Insomnia is always a symptom of something else.

Elizabeth Shannon in her book Sleep Mojo says that identifying the underlying problem behind insomnia is the most important step towards finding your tailored solution.

“Many people don’t realize it is quite complicated”, Shannon says, “they think that the problem is insomnia itself, and the solution is a pill of some kind – either prescribed or otherwise.”  The truth is very different.

By identifying individual sleep patterns and habits often lead to an accurate assessment of what might be their best sleep strategies, instead of trial-and-error experiments.  And predictably there are general health strategies that suit all insomniacs.

“I understand the frustrations of lack of sleep, and the poor information that is available, and I’ve put together a weekend workshop Sleep Mojo Live educating insomniacs, not just to help them identify their underlying problem, but matching all-natural solutions to those problems”.

Distilling down 12 years of research, she’s isolated 10 different insomnia types, based on her 80/20 rule, and will suggest methods to help each type sleep better naturally.  The sleep solutions range from diet and exercise, proven psychological techniques, to neurologically based information and research.

“I’m confident that this seminar will be ground-breaking, with some of the latest information disagreeing with conventional wisdom in the sleep industry” Shannon concludes.

The Sleep Mojo Live Seminar will be held at North Sydney Leagues Club on February 4 and 5, 2012.  The cost is a $ 30 USD donation to the Youth Off The Streets charity.  To book go to  Limited seating available.

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