Reawakening the Nation about the Cost of Sleep Disorders

A new report released yesterday by the Sleep Health Foundation counted the cost of sleep disorder related issues to Australia.

Some of the statistics revealed:

The fact that sleep disorders contribute to other diseases and injuries is not new news, but the figures are.

The proportion of each condition attributable to a sleep disorder is as follows:

  • 10.1% of depression
  • 5.3% of stroke
  • 4.5% of workplace injuries
  • 4.3% of motor accidents

The report found that sleep disorders cost the Australian economy $ 5.1 billion/year in health care and indirect costs.

And a whopping $ 31.4 billion per year if you count in the loss of “life quality” associated with sleep disorders.

The ‘Re-awakening Australia’ report was commissioned by the Sleep Health Foundation, conducted by Deloitte Access Economnics and funded by untied grants from Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, Resmed Asia Pacific Ltd and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare.

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