Losing Sleep Worrying About Your Sleep Disorders?

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As if staying awake half the night wasn’t enough!  Now they’re telling us all the adverse side effects of lack of sleep – everything from coronary disease, reduced immune systems, higher blood pressure, greater chance of diabetes, increased risk of anxiety and depression, greater risk of putting on weight and even a greater chance of cancer (with long term shift work).  And finally there’s your decreasing libido.

Well, of course it’s hard to go to sleep, and even harder to get turned on, when you think you’re about to die!

The good news is there is finally a book that outlines, in basic terms, the factors behind sleep disorders, the reasons underneath them, and natural strategies that can be used to overcome sleeping problems.

Sleep Mojo, the book recently released by Elizabeth Shannon summarizes sleep disorders into 10 insomnia types, and presents possible natural solutions matched to each insomnia type. While giving a general overview of the industry and some of its misconceptions, Sleep Mojo provides some common sense solutions, help with psychological difficulties, and includes a variety of solutions including neurological information.  Some natural solutions might surprise you, including latest research findings that seem to conflict with generally held sleep principles.

Shannon believes that “identifying the underlying problem behind insomnia is the most important step towards finding your tailored solution”.

And refreshingly taking a pill or a potion might not be your answer!  “We have an oral fixation with sleep”, she jokes. “What happened to exercise, proper eating and work/life balance”?

But sleep isn’t a joke, it is vitally important, and costing our families, relationships, work and economies a fortune – apart from the havoc it causes to our health.

“The book talks about things that the industry is avoiding, but after 12 years of sleep research and a 30 year interest in personal development and alternative health, it’s time the story was told” Shannon says.  “I’m not happy with the conversations about sleep, and the days where natural meant ‘hippy’ are over”.  “By the way, I’m not pushing herbal remedies as the ultimate solution either.”

It is a very readable but well researched book.  You’ve lost it, now get it back, your sleep mojo!

Sleep Mojo, which contains about 150 live links to access further research, is available as a downloadable ebook here: http://SleepMojo.com


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