Is the Global Financial Crisis affecting your Sleep?

Chances are, if you are worrying about it, it is.  And with the news that they are continually presenting to us, it’s no wonder most of us are worrying.  Except of course, the few people that know that during financial crises the ‘world is for sale’ and there are many opportunities for the financially savvy.

It’s been playing on my mind too, because sleep disorders must be on the rise when people are stressing out, feeling anxious about their jobs, worried about the funds they have invested in 401Ks and superannuation funds, watching the value of their major assets (houses, etc) more often than normal.

So today I’ve put together some helpful strategies to overcome your anxieties – at least to the point of helping you sleep better and thinking differently.


The sleep solutions given are all scientifically proven to work, so they are worth implementing straight away.

Probably there are some decisions to be made during the Global Financial Crisis, but it has also been proven that if you are relaxed and well rested the decisions you make are more likely to be good ones, less emotionally-based, and more creatively constructed.

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Sweet dreams






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