Generating Options to Your Stress

Hi Everyone

Today I’m drawing your attention to Andrew Verity and his technique for forcing our neurology to come up with different options for and to stress.

We learned about this during the Sleep With The Experts webinar series, but I’m pretty sure that not everyone is using this valuable technique.  You can feel your mind re-shuffling when you do this, some of the eye modes feel a little bit challenged when you are visualizing the problem there… that’s all good.? After-wards, you don’t really know what has happened, all you can feel is less ‘charge’ around the issue that you were working on.

Yep, it even looks a bit woo woo. But when you know that each of those eye mode points relates to a particular type of intelligence (mathematical, mental, musical, linguistic, personal, sexual, kinesthetic, emotional, etc) and brain function (ability to trust, awareness, imagination, learning and memory, understanding, respondability, recuperation, brain reward pathways, etc) you know that it is definitely worth the discipline!

Andrew (Verity) explained in his webinar that our minds (and reactions)?are limited by our history, conditioning, previous responses, genetic patterning etc – so isn’t it worth introducing our subconscious minds to finding new ways to approach the stressors that effect our lives.

So here’s the link to the page with a very clear video demonstration: Go to the bottom of the page to Video 1 and watch through the demonstration.  Open the accompanying comments box to find Andrew’s notes.

Sometimes I do this first think in the morning – particularly when I wake up and worry about all the things I have to do today!  But just before you fall asleep would be excellent too.  And try it when problems or anxieties come up during the day, before your presentation, etc).

It’s painless, creative and hugely beneficial to reduce stress, and maybe those new options that are being generated will improve our life in unexpected ways as well.

De-stress for better sleep and a better life.  Tell me how you go with this.


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