Financial Stress Keeping You Awake?

Is the only thing rising in this bear market your stress level?? Bullish on anxiety?

I heard a while ago that about 30% of the people having difficulties sleeping had financial stress (don’t know the source of the figures, unfortunately).? With the world economy in the state it’s in, my guess is that the percentage has just ramped up.

So if you’re worried about your financial situation, I have a gift for you today.

Over the years I have done many excellent seminars, on dozens of different topics and a few teachers have stood out as absolute leaders.

Robert Kiyosaki and DC Cordova ran a course called Money and You in Australia in 1986?(now I’m showing my age!) which had a game in it that was mindblowing – literally.?The sort of game you play – and you don’t come out the other end the same!?

Have you ever experienced anything like that?? Can you imagine anything like that??

Well, again in 2007 I came across another guy who can do it for you DURING a game.? Well, actually, you?do it for yourself – if you play full-tilt.?

No, you don’t have to goal set, make a strategy, use all your visualisation techniques, NLP yourself stupid, hypnotise yourself continually?….? dedicate to hard work for years…? just play some?GAMES full-tilt!?


His name is Clinton Swaine, he’s actually an Aussi who lives in the US – and his business is Frontier Trainings.? He teaches people business, salesmanship, diplomacy, investment etc – all through game playing.

Having experienced his work first hand I was very excited to see that he’s coming to Australia in August to run his?3 day?course Play to Win in Melbourne.

And the most amazing thing?? It is free to attend.? He’s obviously wanting to build his presence in Australia.

I’ve contacted Clinton and he has allowed me to tell you about the course, and here is my affiliate link:

If your sleep problems are in any way financial, I look forward to meeting you there.? (Please note, his course is not about sleep.)

I can guarantee that you’ll break through a number of limiting decisions during this weekend.?
And maybe, just maybe – one of them will break out your financial problems and allow you to sleep better, not worrying so much about how you’re going to survive in this economic environment.?

Clinton takes game playing to a whole new level.

To your financial freedom, and a great night’s sleep.


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