Debrief – Nic Lucas on Anxiety and Panic Attack

Again thanks to last night’s participants for their response to Nic Lucas’s great information on anxiety and panic attacks.

And I’m amazed at the level of research he has done… and research on the quality of the research out there on solutions to anxiety and panic attack.?

Wow!? How good was that?? Killer information.

Totally confirms for me why I’ve asked the experts in to help everyone.?

There is no way us mere mortals could get that level of expertise around the research, the drugs, the latest findings.?

And no way we could filter through all those medical findings to get to the bones of the matter.? Well, not without an anxiety attack, anyway.

Thanks Nic, you were a legend.

Nic’s website again for those who didn’t get it last night is and his blog is

No sweat


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