Concussion linked to Depression in NFL

Here’s a contentious and unpopular post for the football lovers and players.

Concussion has been linked to Depression in NFL – along with cognitive impairment and early onset Alzheimers Disease.

And we already know of the connection between depression and sleep disorders, waking too early in the morning etc…

I know we don’t want to know about the stuff that the fabric of our culture is wrapped around… but!

Here, read it for yourself..


And if you want to go further with it, google up Dr Ann McKee, The Michigan Study, etc.

And just in case you think that helmets and head protectors are enough… there’s stuff on helmet to helmet contact too… mmm!

Reminds me of something I heard recently about very few people ever dying?while boxing when gloves weren’t allowed, it was only when they were allowed (for so called ‘protection’) that deaths increased.? And no, sorry, I don’t have the?source of that information?with me today.

False sense of security around some protection methods?

Not a pretty post to make, but there you go… I’ve had my say.



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