Red and Yellow Food Colorings

Sue Dengate, an Australian food additive expert, was interviewed by ABC Radio National’s Mark Colvin on his PM program September 8, 2008 and here’s part of the transcript of what she had to say about 3 red, and 3 yellow artificial food colorings:

SUE DENGATE: There was a study last year. A $2-million study published in “The Lancet” in the UK showing that these additives can contribute to hyperactivity and inattention in children.

There have been many other studies showing that, but most of the studies have been concerned with ADHD children. This particular study, called the South Hampton study, showed that it can be children in the general population, not just those with ADHD.

As a result, in the UK, these food additives are now being phased out. It’s a voluntary ban. They’re being phased out of products in the UK. We think Australian children should have the same protection.

Full details of the interview can be viewed at

Sue Dengate’s website is

There’s a wealth of information in there beyond red and yellow food colorings.

It’s important you visit this site.

And there are other food colorings that effect sleep, this post is just about red and yellow…

Eat well to sleep well


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