Alarming Sleep Secrets book released on Amazon and Kindle

Alarming Sleep Secrets: Your Doctor is Making an ASS out of You is now available through Amazon and downloadable from Kindle.

Use this link to buy it now:

If you are in Australia and would prefer to obtain a copy from me, please email me at and I can post you one, if I have physical stocks in my possession at the time.

1 in 6 Australians (and Americans) are now taking antidepressants, 36 million psycho scripts were written in Australia last year and 95.2 percent of insomniacs that present to their doctor in Australia will be prescribed medications – it is time to get informed.

It is my opinion that at least one person in every family should read this book because if the significant and dangerous inadequacies in our sleep and mental health industries. And I’m calling them industries, because with this level of prescribing, that is what they are.

Here is a list of some of the chapter headings within the book. And yes, you can see that the book is ‘out there’ – because the information is indeed “alarming”.

Just about every week I see news that disturbs me in this field – for example the recent initiatives calling on pregnant women to have a mental health checkup about the same time as studies are showing that babies born to mothers who take antidepressants can be cognitively and otherwise impaired… more information and all references are in the book…

History of the Problem.

Keeping us in the Dark with “Evidence Based Medicine”

Cochrane: Who are They and Why do They Exist?

The Trojan Horse: Lessons from Ancient Greece.

You are the Perfect Market. Ouch!

Sleeping Pills: 34 Dark Secrets.

Antidepressants/SSRIs: Facts to Make you Mad and Sad.

The Cost of Lack of Sleep and Mental Health to Australia.

Why a 10 Minute Quickie with your Doctor is Never Enough.

Media Games and the Need for an Overhaul.

And of course there are solutions to your problems in Part 3 of the book:

The 10 Insomnia Types.

Difficulty Falling Asleep.

Difficulty Staying Asleep.

Waking Too Early in the Morning.

And strategies for the future:

Who to Believe, Who to Watch and What to Read

… because a lot of the information we are reading and subjected to is misleading and sometimes harmful.

For those of you who think your organization has “got it covered” Appendix I will make you think your risk assessments again.

Appendix I: Fatigue and Mental Health: Bedroom to Boardroom. Do the Numbers.

The book includes over 15 years of my research, it is very important information.

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