Sleep with the Experts – Webinar Series commencing June 2009

“Sleep With The Experts” Webinar Series will commencing in June 2009.

So if you’ve got a question that you want answered during our pillow talk with them… nows the time to ask it.

And if you’ve got friends who can’t sleep – nows the time to tell them to give their name and email address at to be included in the seminars for free (limited numbers can attend).

We will be announcing full details sometime in May – but now is the time to act for your questions to be answered and for your friends to be included.

And depending on the questions… we may have to get in some special experts just for your area of interest… so participate in this fully.

Submit your question to me personally ASAP so I can source exactly the right experts.? Email me:?

Sleep With the Experts – It’s going to be hot!


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