“Awake to Sleep” Seminar – Sydney, November 29 & 30, 2008

Announcing the inaugural ‘Awake to Sleep’ seminar to be held in Sydney, November 29 & 30, 2008.

Five expert speakers join Elizabeth Shannon to help you in the following areas:

We are running this first seminar for a $ 25 donation to charity.
To find out more opt-in to http://www.sleepfrontier.com
Venue: The Ranch Hotel, cnr Epping and Herring Roads, Eastwood, NSW.
Places are limited and bookings are ESSENTIAL.

We look forward to meeting you in person to enjoy the weekend of ground-breaking information.

Geraldine Gallagher

Geraldine Gallagher - Instructor of kinesiology and neuro-training programs in Australia, Italy, Belgium, England and Ireland. Gallagher will address "Seven Solutions to Stress" and "I am of Two Minds - The Relationship between Melatonin and Seratonin".

Gary Haseldine

Gary Haseldine - Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and motivational speaker. "From Pumpkins to Golden Carriages - Hypnosis is no Fairy Tale."

Angela Sciberras

Angela Sciberras - Therapeutic Musician (International Healing Musicians Program USA), kinesiologist/neuro-trainer, experienced in palliative care. "The Ultimate Sleep Without Passing Away."

Elizabeth Shannon

Elizabeth Shannon - "An Industry Perspective"

Andrew Liberale and Domenica Papalia

Andrew Liberale and Domenica Papalia - Multi-qualified directors of Your Highest Potential, pharmacist, NLP Master Practitioners, etc. "Your Inner Alchemy for a Better Night's Sleep - Embracing Your Emotions."

Peace and good night


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