Sleep Products

Here are some of our Sleep Products and Services:

Sleep Mojo eBook

The culmination of over a decade’s research on how to sleep better, with over 150 live links to other studies, expert opinion, research, etc. $ 27.00 USD. Electronic product. For more information visit

Sleep With The Experts

$ 197.00 USD
Full training program including 9 transcripts, 9 downloadable MP3s and 9 MP4 webinar videos from the series, plus bonuses. Electronic product.

For more information visit

Compatibility Blanket

The blanket for hot and cold bed partners. We deliver internationally. Physical product. Where this all started! For more information visit

Maximizing Productivity Using Sleep Technology

Corporate Consulting and Education.
Please email Elizabeth at with PRODUCTIVITY in the subject line, and your contact details (including Skype name) and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Anxiety and Sleep Pack

$ 157.00 USD Excerpts from Sleep With The Experts directly relevant to anxiety sufferers. Electronic product.

Fed Up With Sleep Disturbance

$ 57.00 USD
How food additives, colorings and flavorings effect sleep, anxiety, depression, restlessness, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea symptoms, ADHD, snoring, irritability, unsettled screaming babies, etc. An hour with Sue Dengate. Includes 2 full weeks of Sleep With The Experts. Electronic Product.

Sounds and Music For Sleep

$57.00 USD
Using music, melody, rhythm, even humming to help you sleep better.
Introductory week and the Music week of the Sleep With The Experts Webinar Training Program. Electronic Product.