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Congratulations on purchasing Sleep Mojo.

You are now one step away from sleeping better.

Your purchase has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.  You may login to your PayPal or credit card account to view the transaction however it was processed.

You can access the Sleep Mojo book by logging in to your account at:

A separate email from Sleepless No More will be sent to you outlining your unique and secure username and password.

Once you are logged in, the book should appear in the next window.

For PC Users:

To read it, page through or download the book – move your curser to the bottom of the book image and the icons will appear.

For Mac Users:

Save the book into your computer, then read it there.

All Users:

Within the book, you can link directly from chapter to chapter using the chapter links in the Contents page.

Remember if you print the book out (which is fine to do, if you want) the live links in the book will be lost.  To access the “behind the scenes” research, interviews etc, click through the links in the book while you have internet connectivity.

(This is your ONLY excuse now, for taking your laptop to bed… joke!)


If you are having difficulties, please contact with SLEEP MOJO SUPPORT in the subject line of your email.

Happy reading.

The most important part of course, is the IMPLEMENTATION of the research in the book – so remember to schedule your strategies into each day – starting today!



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