Sleep Mojo LIVE Seminar February 4 & 5, 2012

Youth Off The Streets has been providing services to assist homeless and disadvantaged youth since 1991.

Are You Tired of the Sleep Solutions You’re Hearing?
Worried that Sleep Deprivation Impairs your Health and Mentality?

Lack of sleep effects your heart, weight, diabetes, immune system, inflammation, accidents, depression, anxiety and stress, accuracy, libido, learning and problem solving ability, there’s even a connection to cancer.
FAST RESULTS: Imagine if after one weekend you could …
  • Fall asleep faster and be confident that you can do it habitually
  • Stay asleep during the night, and if you do wake, you can get back to sleep again
  • Implement age-appropriate natural solutions to age-related sleep problems
  • Discover the little known, simple lifestyle and environment changes that can change your sleep habits forever
  • Improve your memory, performance, mental attitude and relationships
  • Take back your power from the sleep industry – get your sleep mojo back!


BONUS # 1 – Sleep Mojo digital eBook. The 12 years of research behind Sleep Mojo LIVE.

BONUS # 2 – “Fed Up with Sleep Disturbances” 1 hour webinar training with Sue Dengate of the Food Intolerance Network. MP3 to download into your audio player. The 50 plus food additives, colorings (even fresh fruit and vegetables) that affect all aspects of sleep, from restlessness, anxiety, depression, weird dreams, night terrors, sleep walking and talking, snoring, sleep apnea symptoms, screaming babies, ADHD, even bed wetting.

Where? Kamaraigal Room, North Sydney Leagues Club, 12 Abbot Street, Cammeray NSW 2062.
8.30 am registration for 9 am start.

What They’re Saying:

“This book will empower you”
– Geraldine Gallagher, Mosman NSW

“I learned how to support my 5 year old son”
– Jane Gardiner, Gordon VIC

“Cutting edge, up-to-date research”
– Domenica Papalia, Sydney NSW

“Different opinions than the generally accepted ones”
– Nel Jans, Mt Gambier, SA

“I now use some of the resources and can verify their usefulness”
– Ann Richardson, Mt Eliza VIC

“A big chance to work through and get through my anxiety hang-ups”
– Terri, Vermont South VIC