Difficulty Falling Asleep?

A while ago I asked you to become aware of exactly what pattern your insomnia takes.

  • Is it difficulty falling asleep?
  • Waking during the night? or
  • Waking too early in the morning?

Because they can indicate different things.

Today I’m speaking directly to those of you who have difficulty falling asleep – but once you’re asleep, you’re fine.

Lucky for you, my research indicates this is often (not always) the easiest problem to solve.

Your mind is racing, you’re still at work, you’ve had a busy day, you may have worked with a lot of things, and/or a lot of detail, and you’ve just gone to bed and can’t switch off! And it includes ‘nerd brain’ – what you get flicking around websites, social media, Twitter … Is this a Delicious lifestyle? Do you Digg it or not, do you want to be my Facebook friend?

So here’s what I’m recommending for immediate help:

  • plug yourself in to some quieting music, or theta or alpha metronome sound (see earlier post on “Brainwave Patterns and Entrainment”)
  • sit quietly for half an hour actually doing nothing and breathing slowly and deeply,
  • shut your brain off by doing something ‘boring’ like tapestry, cleaning your shoes, painting your nails, massaging you or your partner’s feet
  • do a relaxation cycle
  • listen to a hypnosis cycle (such as Glenn Harrold “Deep Sleep Every Night”)
  • listen to some other cycle that works for you… to set up a pattern, chill your brain down and put your awareness back into your body

Why set up a pattern of repetitive listening?

That sounds boring doesn’t it? Well, yes, that’s the point. If you establish that every night you are going to play a certain hypnotic session to yourself when you first go to bed (from your iPod, etc) – your brain will know that this discipline is going to happen, and will give in easier to the idea… it doesn’t have much option.

Yes, this is discipline… but that’s what your brain needs. At the moment your brain is running you – not the other way around.

Here are my two favourite CDs that I recommend – and I recommend them because of the successes my clients have received from listening to them, so go ahead and start re-patterning your brain.

Deep Sleep Every NightA Chakra Meditation

Hypnosis may not work for everyone, but it CERTAINLY works for many people… so give it your best shot.

Some clients put these cycles on when they wake in the middle of the night as well, and have found great success doing that.

A Chakra Meditation is a bit ‘new age’ admittedly… but lets face it, ‘new age’ is a word that’s old hat now… get over it. It has been around since the 1960s or before.

There are hundreds of these products out there, you don’t have to use these. But you DO have to try something, and repetitively.

What some of you are experiencing is simply a fight between your mind and your body… While your mind is hyped, your body gets stressed and exhausted – but can’t switch off.

So be encouraged.

Provided you’re hyperactivity isn’t an anxiety or phobia you should be able to take control very easily and train your brain to chill down and relax.

Bore your brain to sleep – it will object a bit initially, but you need to take the upper hand. And repetition is a great way to do that!

Good night


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Elizabeth February 19, 2010 at 1:57 am

That would be great thanks.. like your site too… E


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