Your Wake Up Time hints at your Natural Sleep Solution

We have probably all heard of the Chinese Meridian systems in traditional Chinese medicine.. but did you know that this ancient system could lead us to a solution to insomnia today?

The 24 hours in a day are governed by 12 different meridian systems – each governing a particular 2 hour period.? Here they are:

11 pm (23:00) to 1 am – Gall Bladder.  Decision making abilities, impetus, inspiration behind decisions.? In ‘negative’ – irritability, rage, gall, acidic emotions, bitterness, constant sadness, anger of the sort that leads to irrational or hasty decisions.? Allergies.

1 am to 3 am – Liver. Drive, endurance, perseverance, quick and clear intellect, patience, ambition, organizational abilities, patience, sense of well-being.  Out of balance can be anger, depression, impatience, hatred, jealousy, self-insistence, attachment to strong opinions, controlling, power hungry, overly ambitious.

3 am to 5 am – Lung.  Compassion, instinct and intuition, free will, positive outlook.  In negative resentment, sorrow, sadness, grief, claustrophobia, nostalgia, pessimism, inflexibility.

5 am to 7 am – Large Intestine. What you assimilate and reject, inflexibility, stubborness, holding on.

7 am – 9 am – Stomach. Confidence, understanding of appropriate behaviour, trust, considered thought and action.  What can’t you stomach or tolerate?? Skepticism, feelings of suspicion or mistrust.

9 am – 11 am – Spleen. Clear thought processes, memory, honest introspection, loyalty, willpower, expressing sympathy.  Pensiveness, overthinking, worry, vacillation, analysis paralysis, self-pity, stubbornness, obsession, attachment, cloudy thought processes, poor concentration, lack of focus.

11 am – 1 pm (13:00) – Heart. Joy, gentleness, emotional balance, spirit, love, integrity, zest for life, wisdom.  In negative dullness, hysteria, erratic behaviour, mood swings, jealousy, melancholy.

1 pm (13:00) – 3 pm (15:00) – Small Intestine. Breaking down complex matters for assimilation, accurate examination, etc.

3 pm (15:00) – 5 pm (17:00) – Bladder. What inappropriate emotions are you storing that you need to release?   Are you willing to release fears, doubts, resentments, remorse, guilt, etc?  Are you too retentive?

5 pm (17:00) – 7 pm (19:00) – Kidney. Fear, fright.

7 pm (19:00) – 9 pm (21:00) – Circulation Sex. Relationships, sex, security and boundary issues.

9 pm (21:00) – 11 pm (23:00) – Triple Warmer. Relates to the function of heat regulation.  Immune system, fight or flight response, emotional upsets caused by breaking of friendships or family relations, depression, suspicion, anxiety, poor elimination of harmful thoughts, habits to manage stress or threat, impatience.  Hormonal glands.

So what has that got to do with finding a natural insomnia solution?

Well, each of the meridians also relates to emotions and particular physical functions.

Many health care professionals ask us to observe exactly what time it is when we wake up, or cannot sleep.  With this information we can then get more detail on the underlying problem that presents itself as insomnia.? (Remember that insomnia is always a symptom of something else…)

I’ve put the whole 24 hour clock in here, which might be useful for shift-workers?

So look again at the list above to get more detail on the emotion that relates to that time.  It is particularly revealing if your wake up time is habitual.

Tailor your sleep solution around the presenting imbalance from the Chinese meridian system.



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