How to Minimize the Ill-Effects of Shift Work

The results of a new study performed at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre was published in the April 13 issue of the scientific journal Public Library of Science One.

It contains new and helpful information about shift work.

The study was performed with the help of 388 nurses working shift work, with research being conducted on genetic effects, the different sleep strategies the nurses used when shifts changed, and their adaptability to shift changes.

Among other things, it was found that the nurses that used sleep deprivation as their way to move into a new shift time slot were the least well adapted to the new shift, and the nurses who had stepped and overlapped times in their shifts were the best adapted (or a lesser percentage of them were not well adapted, using the exact study graphs).

Genetics did play a part with a number of genes sited as being involved in adaptability.

If you are a shift worker I highly recommend you look at the full results of the study.

You can find out more on this page:

You can use the information from this report to minimize the ill-effects of shift work on your health and mental attitude.  I’m rather sure that any help you get will be appreciated.

I’m amazed that studies like this have taken so long to be performed, and thrilled that the results are now available for everyone to see.

Go and have a look now!


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