Sleep Better in Hotels

Who else finds it hard to sleep better when you are away on holidays, traveling for work or just staying in unfamiliar places?

It is a common problem, not just because of jet-lag and eating food we aren’t used to – but in the bedroom there are different noises, different lights, different smells, a different bed and pillow, different bed coverings, air-conditioning that we might not be used to – there are many different factors.

What I have found the MOST annoying thing when I travel is the bed-coverings on the bed! They are usually too hot, often synthetic and generally make me too hot.

I put together this quick video to help you sleep better while you travel:

It makes me laugh sometimes – seems the more stars the hotel has (e.g. 5 Stars) the heavier the doona/duvet on the bed, the higher the temperature of the airconditioning and the less sleep we are going to get! It’s ridiculous.

Who relates to what I’m talking about? The heavy doonas? The turned up air-conditioning? The closed up windows so you can’t get a breeze on a hot night? It might be OK if we were going to the moon!

My absolute worst is those plastic looking thin blankets you get (usually covered up with cotton sheets on both sides so you don’t actually SEE them).

But you can sure feel them!

Especially when you break out into a sweat while you are sleeping under them. Sometimes I think I’m going to get an electric shock from them!! (Don’t rub your non-leather shoe soles on that synthetic carpet while feeling them – haha!! or you might!)

Synthetic bed coverings don’t breathe, they are sweaty, and they are soooo unnatural! Yuk! I’ve even seen demonstrations years ago on how some plastics can effect your meridians, and we certainly know that some plastics are now considered unhealthy for storing foods etc.

Overheating in bed reduces your REM sleep, the sleep that helps you creatively solve problems. Here is more information about why overheating in bed is not good for you

The best bed coverings, in my opinion, are made of pure cotton, pure wool and alpaca. Some people might just like to sleep under a cotton sheet with no other coverings at all. Now that’s cool!

It is not always easy to find the right bed coverings when you are away, and we certainly aren’t going to lug our own blanket around (that is for toddlers!).

So here is my sequel to the story above:

This is really worth it, believe me! It will be more fun when you travel if you are well rested, alert and wake up bright and cheery in the morning.