Thank you for requesting the Fatigue Report

Thank you for requesting The Fatigue Report.

The Fatigue Report will be sent periodically by email to the email address you have supplied to us.

The Fatigue Report will:

  • Help you improve the performance of your management and staff by outlining exactly how fatigue effects the brain and reduces executive function;
  • Keep you up with the latest news on fatigue related business issues;
  • Quantify the costs associated with reduced performance, sleep disorders, anxiety and panic issues, depression and other physical and psychological issues associated with fatigue;
  • Assist in reducing accidents at work, and while travelling to and from work;
  • Supply valuable information to incorporate into your organisation’s sleep policy, stress policy, safety policy and medications policy;
  • Assist  in reducing the costs of errors being made on large value transactions, machinery, and important decisions.
  • Help improve interpersonal relationships, and the level of enjoyment of work activities.
  • Explore litigation issues related to fatigue such as using drugs and alcohol at work, the daytime ‘hangover effects’ of prescription medications, etc
  • Convince your organization of the power of napping, and why we believe every workplace should encourage, at least, short naps at work.

In the mean time, would you mind checking your emails to confirm permission for The Fatigue Report to be emailed to you.  Thank you.

Elizabeth Shannon is available to consult and present to select businesses and organisations.  To make preliminary inquiries and check Elizabeth’s availability please email with FATIGUE in the subject of the email, supplying your landline phone number and organisation name (Australian organisations only).

I’m looking forward to waking up your bottom line,