Psychology and Sleep Disorders

As we know there are many psychological and emotional issues that are associated with sleep disorders, sleep deprivation and insomnia. They include anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.

And a psychologist can help.

But what do psychologists do exactly? How do we find a good one? What sorts of solutions do they really provide?

Here is an interview I did with Victoria Kasunic to answer those questions and more.

Victoria Kasunic will be our special guest at Sleep Mojo Live in Sydney early February. She’ll be presenting “The Seven Secrets to Happiness” which will be both practical and helpful to anyone who has difficulty sleeping because of unhelpful thoughts, a depressed attitude and psychological issues.

Have a listen, I’ve asked her the sorts of questions that most people want to know before ringing up a psychologist – it will help you understand what is involved “beyond the couch”!

We are really looking forward to Victoria’s presentation at Sleep Mojo Live.

To find out more about the weekend seminar in February in Sydney click Sleep Mojo Live Seminar