Physical & Mental Exhaustion

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There are times when we’ve worked so hard for so long (or had a particularly exhausting day) that we seem too tired to sleep.

Often it’s more obvious in children than adults.? They run themselves ragged all day, and work themselves into a frenzy – a cycle that seems hard to break.? Often with children it ends in tears, and fortunately (although punishing at the time) it generally signals the end of it for most of them.? The car ride home usually works magically.? When they’re asleep, the family can start relaxing too!

Further study needs to be done in this area.? In the mean time we recommend providing a peaceful, relaxing environment away from stimulation to trigger the ‘coming down’ process.? We suspect this might be one of the easiest insomnia problems to solve – because of the genuine tiredness.

Take a bath, apply the Lavender and Wheat Heat Pack, play soothing music or a relaxation CD, etc.

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