Other Problem

So you already know that your sleeping problem goes beyond

  • having difficulty falling asleep,
  • waking in the night or
  • waking up too early in the morning?

“Other Sleep Problems” include:

  1. you are in pain and can’t sleep
  2. you’re a shift worker, so concepts of  “waking up too early” etc.  need to be redefined for you
  3. you suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome, muscle tension, twitches, the jumps
  4. you are ill and your sleeping problem has become more complex because of the illness and/or the medications that you are taking because of that illness or those illnesses
  5. sleep paralysis
  6. you feel like you sleep OK, but actually you aren’t – because of sleep apnea, snoring etc.
  7. you sleep too much – it’s not about the scarcity!
  8. you have a permanent sleep challenge – like Tinnitus and/or Menieres Disease which you are living with, but its a constant challenge to get a good night’s sleep
  9. you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
  10. your psychological problem has not really been defined, so you don’t know how to tackle the problem effectively
  11. your prescribed medication has effected your sleep patterns
  12. your sleep pattern varies, so you don’t fall into any of the groups suggested
  13. you’re addicted to sleeping pills and don’t know what your next step should be
  14. you’re addicted to other substances or behaviors that are effecting your sleep
  15. you are refusing to take the advice of experts and hoping that ‘doing the same thing is going to give you a different result’
  16. you are taking no action at all to improve your health or sleep
  17. you are overweight or obese, with consequential impact on your health and/or sleep and are not addressing that problem
  18. you have an un-supportive lifestyle and it seems too difficult to fix
  19. you have a problem that isn’t going away, it’s affecting your sleep, but you can’t see how to solve it
  20. you are procrastinating from making important decisions and/or take action to solve a life problem or problems (such as ridiculous mortgage debt, a toxic family relationship, lack of regular exercise, an unrewarding job, lack of friends and having fun, no exciting interests, not contributing positively to the community, etc).
  21. etc etc

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Some of the problems mentioned above are included in this blog, and some need to be addressed to your particular, individual case by your doctor or mental health professional.  (We do not give individual consultations.)

If you have questions that you would like addressed in our seminars, interviews (etc), please email support@sleeplessnomore.com and they will be added to our planning process.  Please put the word QUESTION in the title of the email.

Ultimately, the responsibility for your best night’s sleep is yours alone.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.