One’s Hot, One’s Not

Looking for a Doona and a Good Night’s Sleep?

I had the same issue a few years ago, and that’s why I developed the Compatibility Blanket.

Not only does it solve the arguments you’re having with your partner about how hot you want the bed, it looks good on the bed (none of those miss-matched bed-coverings on either side of the bed!), and everyone’s happy.

Why our customers think it’s the best $249.00 they’ve ever spent:

  • they’re both happy with the temperature they’re sleeping at,
  • they are finally both getting a good night’s sleep (sometimes after years of discomfort)
  • they’re feeling refreshed in the morning instead of tired
  • they wonder why they put up with other options for SO LONG
  • they’ve fixed the problem permanently.

It has a full money-back guarantee, and it’s unique in the world. BUY IT NOW!!

WHY is it BETTER than a DOONA?

  1. OVERHEATING IN BED reduces your R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep. It is also associated with light, restless and broken sleep. You don’t get the required amount of sleep, and you can wake up in the morning still feeling tired.
  2. OVERHEATING IN BED is associated with the following skin problems: ‘doona eyes’, facial dermatitis, peri-oral dermatitis, grover’s disease, facial excrescences, atopic eczema, acne, and hair and scalp problems.
  3. WE CAN’T FIND A SLEEP CLINIC that prefers doonas over blankets.
  4. The Compatibility Blanket is the only blanket in the world that took the ultimate step to create a CUSTOMIZED TEMPERATURE ZONE for each partner, so they can finally agree on the amount of bedcoverings.

WITHOUT ARGUMENT the ultimate bedcovering!

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PROBLEM: One’s Hot, One’s Cold.
Nobody’s Getting A Good Sleep

Being overheated in bed causes disturbed sleep and decreases our important REM (rapid eye movement) sleep time. Heat trapped around the body can cause skin irritations too.

In about 80% of couples, one partner feels hotter than the other. Normally the hot one is the man, the one that feels the cold is the woman. This can be reversed after menopause, as some women say they now feel hotter.

So whether this mismatch of body temperatures is an effect of your sex, your age, pregnancy, menopause or related to illness – whatever the reason, different body temperatures make it difficult for both parties to be comfortable with the one choice of bedclothes.

The person who feels hotter is the most likely one to lose valuable sleep by sleeping too hot. If you are the colder partner, listen to them: you are doing them an injustice by not being negotiable!

For more information refer Be Cool in Bed.

SOLUTION: Compatibility Blanket

Compatibility Blanket’s name says it all. It’s a blanket that promises compatibility when what you both need more than anything else is a good night’s sleep.

The Compatibility Blanket, is two different types of bedclothes in one. One half is 100% pure Merino wool, which provides natural warmth for the colder bed partner; the other half is soft, cool cotton, for the partner who feels the heat.

How Does It Work?
The Compatibility Blanket is used in conjunction with your regular bed covering as the first layer over the top sheet. If you’re someone who gets very hot in bed, a sheet and the Compatibility Blanket may be all you ever need. Otherwise, you simply use the Compatibility Blanket in conjunction with your regular bed coverings. In winter you can put it under a wool blanket or doona/duvet to create two perfect climate zones. In summer and between seasons it can work well with an all-cotton blanket, a lightweight summer doona/duvet, or just on its own.

What does Compatibility Blanket Look Like?
Compatibility Blanket is like any high quality bedding product, manufactured from top grade Australian Merino wool and cotton and impeccably finished and packaged. It has a center seam dividing the two climate zones, so it’s easy to tell which side is which. Compatibility Blanket is created in a versatile ivory color with ivory satin trim and comes in the one ‘Royal Size’ ?, fit for a King or Queen bed.

How Much Does It Cost?
The Compatibility Blanket retails for AUD$249 and carries a 12 month warranty, a small price to pay to have all quiet on the bedroom front.

How Can I Get A Compatibility Blanket?
To purchase your own Compatibility Blanket, click here.

What Do People Say About Compatibility Blanket?

“Simply wonderful… We love it! Now everyone is happy. Thank you Compatibility Blanket”
T&S.C Lue, NSW

“A lifesaver”
J.B. Camperdown, Victoria

“A marvellous idea, after years of arguments and discomfort!”
M.McA, Manildra, NSW

“They’re wrapped. Now we’re saving to get ourselves one!”
D.B, Bendigo, VIC

What do the experts say about Compatibility Blanket?
“…if you like a snugly wool blanket all year round and your partner prefers cool cotton – there’s no need to resort to twin beds… You could cut a cotton blanket and a wool blanket in half and sew them together, but who could be bothered? So the Compatibility Blanket has done it for you”
Financial Review

“Get a good night’s sleep with compatibility blanket”
Bride to Be

“…banish bedroom battles forever with this ingenious solution: the Compatibility Blanket”
Home Beautiful

“…thanks to the clever invention of Elizabeth Shannon who has created the Compatibility Blanket, which features an ingenious innovation of half wool on one side and cotton on the other. The difference in body temperatures is thus no longer a problem…”
Australian Country Collections

Gift Ideas
The Compatibility Blanket’s ingenious design and smart presentation makes it an ideal gift.

Weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or birthdays:  Give couples the gift of compatibility with the Compatibility Blanket.

Travellers: Packaged in a smart, leather look trim bag that can be reused to store the blanket, the Compatibility Blanket is an ideal gift for owners of beach houses, mountain retreats and motor yachts.

The Compatibility Blanket carries a warranty against defects in workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. To claim your warranty, simply fill in your details on the form which is printed in the Compatibility Blanket swing tag and mail to the address provided.

The Compatibility Blanket also has a 30 day money back guarantee for those customers who are not happy with it’s performance.

It’s worth it to give it a try! Buy now!