Muscle Tension, Cramps, Twitches

As with Restless Legs Syndrome there are differing stories, depending on the source.

They include:

  • Food additives and colorings etc that are associated with restless legs, twitching etc.  Read this page for more information from the Food Intolerance Network:
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • An excess of phosphorus, and a shortage of calcium circulating in your blood system (American Sleep Foundation website)
  • A connection to restless legs syndrome (refer magnesium, vitamin E, iron deficiency (anaemia), folic acid deficiency, vitamin B etc. in the Restless Legs Syndrome section).

The American Sleep Foundation website has suggested avoiding carbonated sodas and drinks if you are experiencing leg cramps.? This is also relevant for the third trimester of pregnancy, when for some, they become more prevalent.
Restless Legs Syndrome