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Why the Compatibility Blanket will work for you

If you are someone who gets very hot in bed, a sheet and the Compatibility Blanket may be all you ever need.

Otherwise, you simply use the Compatibility Blanket in conjunction with your regular bed coverings.

In winter you can put it under a woollen blanket or doona/duvet to create two perfect climate zones. In summer and between seasons it can work well with an all cotton blanket, a lightweight summer doona/duvet or just on its own.

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Banish bedroom battles. Who’s hot and who’s not

  • About 80 percent of beds use doonas/duvets, and most men are unhappy under them
  • Men are often the hotter partner in bed and therefore the most uncomfortable
  • Unfortunately, women are generally the ones buying bed coverings, so the problem continues
  • The Compatibility Blanket provides a solution for couples who agree there is room for improvement
  • We receive many orders directly from men

Healthy Sleep
The company Onkaparinga, producers of wool blankets for 128 years, recently sponsored a sleep study by specialists from the school of Exercise in Sport & Science and Concord Repatriation Hospital’s Sleep Study Unit.

The results showed:

  • “Tossing and turning all night, especially if there’s an electric blanket on and you’re under a heavy doona/duvet, will leave you sweaty, sticky and exhausted”
  • “Increased temperature not only causes disturbed sleep with decreased REM (rapid eye movement) but is a hazard for mothers-to-be, causing possible damage during the critical embryonic stages.”

Sunday Telegraph, May 24, 1998

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Skin Irritation

  • “Blankets are the preferred choice of Macquarie Street skin specialists who say that doonas/duvets trap heat around the body and cause skin irritations.”

The Sun Herald “Crispdreams” April 26, 1998

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