Elizabeth’s Keynotes:

  • Sleep Your Way To The Top.  How good sleep improves executive function, decision making, managerial style, accuracy, accident reduction, response rates, stress reduction and more.  Do white collar workers deal with overtime better than blue collar workers?  How many staff are using alcohol to get them to sleep at night?  What you need to know before visiting your GP if you have a sleep disorder.  Are sleeping pills the solution?  What’s the difference between a problem-solving-nap and a motor-skills-enhancement-nap?  What shift timetables reduce your staff’s reaction times and ability to concentrate to those equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent (legally intoxicated)?

If you think that your staff’s sleeping problems have nothing to do with your bottom line you do not know the facts.

  • Secrets to Sleep.  An overview on the sleep industry and the simple and practical solutions to sleeping better. You won’t get a better all-round-education on the sleep industry than this.  Exposes the vested interests, inappropriate behavior, systemic problems and provides you with a path through the minefield.

An evidence-based revelation on sleep, insomnia and mental health issues.  Practical solutions revealed.

  • The Seventh Dwarf.  Sleepy.  A rollicking trip through the forest with Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, Doc and Happy.  No wonder Sleepy can’t see the wood from the trees!  An adult story that can be tailored for students of various age groups.

Reality is no fairy tale.  Only if you’re up for the not-politically-correct revelation.

  • Sleep Your Way To Better HSC Results.  Learn how to improve accuracy and memory, the foods and drinks that are causing hyperactivity and lack of sleep, adolescent delayed sleep phase, quick and easy anxiety reducing exercises.  Some teenagers are still producing the sleep hormone melatonin during the morning;  no wonder it’s a struggle for them.  What school habits result in anxiety and psychological issues later in life, and how parents are adding to these problems.

Reducing your children’s stress levels during year 11 and 12 in preparation for the HSC might be the answer everyone’s looking for.  Learning how to do this effectively is the key.

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