Wedding Tackle… Yes… Scrotal Temperature

Have you been reading about the studies on heated seating in cars and how the heating may be affecting male fertility?

Also the studies done some time ago, reported in National Geographic, about lions in the Serengeti and how the heat has been shown to impair the quality of their … er … swimmers?

Apparently sperm making is best at 35.5 degrees C (slightly below normal body temperature of 37 degrees C). (Now I get ‘well hung’.)

So if heated car seats and the hot Serengeti temperatures are being considered for fertility studies – maybe, guys, you’re going to have another think about sleeping under those hot doonas (duvets/comforters/quilts etc)?

One hour of the heated car seat increased the average testicular temperature to 37.3 degrees C, with one exceptionally hot subject hitting 39.7 degrees C.

All jokes aside…

Guys, do you think it is rocket science that 8 hours spent, every night, under a hot doona could be having other adverse effects on your body apart from reduced REM and skin disorders (see my earlier post on Overheating in Bed).

And no, I haven’t personally done clinical trials about this, but I am prepared to consider a new career!

Chilling down now


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