US Congressional Sting Operation Exposes Gaps in Health System

OK, so I was going to get off the case of national health approval processes this week, but this article in the Wall Street Journal has just changed my mind. Duh!

As part of a sting operation a fictitious company and a fake medical device (a surgical adhesive gel) were ‘created’ to test the system surrounding institutional review boards or IRBs – for approval to begin a clinical trail using their surgical adhesive on human subjects.

How confident do you feel about a medical process being overseen by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) with a CEO named “Truper Dawg” (after a deceased dog), and other members called “April Phuls” and “Timothy Whittless”?? This fictitious IRB was actually approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.

And there’s more… read more from the Wall Street Journal March 26, 2009:

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Scary stuff


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