Tiger Woods Can’t Sleep

When they interviewed Tiger Woods on national TV in Australia when he was here recently for the Australian Masters Golf Tournament he said he had trouble sleeping.

Ahem!? He was only bragging.

I was feeling sorry for him, wondering how I could help.  !!? MMMmm!  Form a queue.

So now there are a lot of options:

1.  He has absolutely no time.

2.  He wanted to keep his options open when he went for his next sleeping pill script.  Don’t really want to advertise what the girls say he’s using them for! Makes my job even harder, but read this:


I think that’s called free advertising for the drug companies.

3.  It could be genuine – who wouldn’t be anxious about this hectic schedule!

Whatever the reason, he’s got a few more problems now.  Overdose isn’t a word we really wanted to hear about Tiger.

It’s called putting.  Bogey, double bogey, triple bogey. Well over par.

The good news?   Sensibly.  His problems are out in the open.  Now the solutions will present themselves.


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