The Theory and The Practice when it comes to Sleeping Pills

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I’ve just put up some new information on , and I recommend you go there to have a look.

Here’s the thing.  It’s one thing for the science to say that there are definite limitations to the efficacy around sleeping pills – and it’s quite another for the prescribers to take any notice of the information.

It’s no wonder that people with sleep disorders and insomnia are confused!

So go and read the important information that has been diligently put together by Australia’s National Prescribing Service about sleeping pills.

How are you going with your insomnia solutions?

Tell us below about your experiences trying to find a solution to your problem.  It helps other people to get there faster and easier.

Tell me, when you were prescribed sleeping pills did your doctor tell you they are potentially addictive?

Did you know rebound insomnia is a potential side-effect when coming off them?

Were you told about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?  Was it explained to you?

Did you set up a withdrawal program at the time you were prescribed the medication?

What questions were you asked at the consultation to establish the underlying problem beneath your insomnia?

And ah-hem…  did you go to your doctor and tell him/her to prescribe them to you.  I’m also getting the doctor’s angle on this too… with people basically demanding them!

“The quick fix?”  Is it, actually?


Here’s that page again, where you will learn about

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